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  • 08 Dec 2023 11:21 AM | Stephanie Berlin (Administrator)

    Research as a Service (RaaS) has published an update report on EEG: "A gas plant with intrinsic growth opportunity".  

    Raas continues to believe "EEG is still the best exposure to the emerging Beetaloo gas play". 

    Please click here to read the report. 

    Source: Empire Energy Group 

  • 07 Dec 2023 11:01 AM | Stephanie Berlin (Administrator)

    Bore work is a regulated activity in the Northern Territory (NT). Regulating bore work helps to protect aquifers, and enables improved understanding of some of the Northern Territory’s most important water resources.

    Property owners, licensed drillers and drilling companies all hold responsibilities to make sure bore work is compliant.

    Incorrect bore construction can pose environmental risks to aquifers, including through cross contamination between aquifers.

    While Water Regulation is responsible for assessing licence and permit applications and monitoring compliance with legislation, including for bore work permits and driller licence conditions, property owners, licensed drillers and employers also have a responsibility to play in aquifer protection and bore work. Moreover, the information that is provided to the department through these activities improves the understanding of the groundwater systems across the NT.

    This includes information such as aquifer connectivity (or not), geographical distribution, geological and hydrological characteristics, and local and regional variations of these.  A fact sheet  PDF (462.3 KB) has been completed summarising the different stakeholder responsibilities.

    Due to the NT’s vast area and the remote localities of most water bores construction, Water Regulation is reliant on all stakeholders playing their part to protect the groundwater systems of the NT.

    Source: Department of Environment Parks and Water Security 

  • 07 Dec 2023 10:56 AM | Stephanie Berlin (Administrator)

    Applications for a new grant program to grow the circular economy are now open!

    Circular Economy NT (CENT) is a $1.5 million grant program that will support Northern Territory (NT) businesses to turn waste into a valuable commodity.

    Businesses can apply to fund projects that will improve recycling outcomes and address critical gaps around waste management and resource recovery in the NT.

    These grants are focused on waste streams in construction and demolition, food and garden organics, commercial and industrial and e-waste including PV solar panels.

    Grants are available for a minimum of $50,000 and applicants must co-contribute on a 50:50 basis. Once the project is completed, the program must remain operational for 5 years.

    Applications close Friday 5 January 2024 and will be assessed on a competitive basis. For further information and to apply visit

    Turning waste into a valuable commodity keeps it within the economy and out of landfill, two goals that are a priority of the Northern Territory Circular Economy Strategy 2022 – 2027.

    The NT Government has a key role to play in incentivising material recovery, reprocessing and remanufacture.

    Work continues on two other key priorities in the strategy, which are to improve the Container Deposit Scheme and to phase out and ban problematic single use plastics by 2025.

    Container Deposit Scheme improvements

    Another piece of work that is underway to incentivise material recovery and reprocessing is a raft of changes to the Container Deposit Scheme.

    Earlier this year, public consultation was held to seek feedback about changes to simplify and expand the scope of eligible containers, improve scheme data and reporting and incentivise container returns by setting targets.

    While the Container Deposit Scheme is a successful and well-known recycling initiative in the Northern Territory (NT), changes will aim to make it easier for Territorians to keep valuable resources out of landfill.

    A list of current Container Deposit Scheme collection depots across the Territory is available on the NTEPA website.

    Single Use Plastics ban – it’s time to move to reuse

    Work is also continuing on phasing out single use plastics across the NT. Public consultation was held earlier this year, and 99.3% of community survey respondents supported reducing single-use plastics.

    Feedback also strongly supported improvements to waste and recycling infrastructure, to increase the number of resource recovery systems across the NT, and investment to support food organics and garden organics (FOGO).

    The consultation summary is available on Have Your Say website.

    How you can support the circular economy

    Move to reuse

    Make sure you have a reusable kit ready to go. This can include commonly used single-use plastic items like a reusable coffee cup, straw and food container. Keep them in a reusable bag in a handy spot like the car boot or near the front door.

    Container Deposit Scheme

    If you don’t already, start collecting eligible containers and return them to receive a 10 cent refund for each item. Did you know you can collect and donate your refunds to community organisations and charities? If you’re part of a community group, sports club or school you can also set up a collection point to raise money.

    Source: Department of Environment Parks and Water Security

  • 07 Dec 2023 10:46 AM | Stephanie Berlin (Administrator)

    EP 117 Operational Update: Successful completion of SS-1H stimulation program, preparing to commence flow back and IP30 testing


    • Tamboran, on behalf of the Beetaloo Joint Venture (BJV), has successfully completed the 10- stage stimulation program over a 500-metre (1,640-foot) horizontal section of Mid-Velkerri B Shale within the Shenandoah South 1H (SS-1H) well in Beetaloo Basin permit EP 117.

    • The stimulation program at SS-1H delivered a proppant intensity of 2,212 pounds per foot (lb/ft) and achieved rates of 100 barrels per minute (bpm) using slickwater, a first in the Mid Velkerri B Shale and in-line with current US shale basin stimulation designs.

    • Tamboran plans to install production tubing ahead of the commencement of flow back of stimulation fluid and 30-day initial production (IP30) testing in mid-December 2023, subject to timing of gas breakthrough. 

    To view the full ASX announcement, click here.

    Source: Tamboran Resources

  • 06 Dec 2023 10:43 AM | Stephanie Berlin (Administrator)

    The Territory Labor Government’s support of the mining industry is boosting the economy and creating jobs, with the latest quarterly mineral exploration expenditure the highest ever recorded in the Territory

    Mineral exploration expenditure for the September quarter has shot up by 30% to $74.4 million compared to the same quarter last year and smashes the previous record of $71.6 million set in the September 2011 quarter.

    The 30% year-on-year rise in expenditure in the Northern Territory for the September quarter was much higher than the Australia-wide increase of 5%.

    Mineral exploration expenditure in the NT in 2023 is currently on track to be the highest calendar year expenditure on record.

    Demand for critical minerals – such as lithium and rare earths - is driving this growth in exploration, accounting for $37.8 million in exploration expenditure

    The Territory has 15 internationally recognised critical minerals and has geological potential for a further 13 emerging critical minerals.

    And the Territory’s potential is increasingly being recognised, with our highest ever ranking in the global Fraser Institute survey earlier this year –ranked 1st globally for Best Practice Mineral Potential as the most geologically prospective jurisdiction.

    As part of the Territory Government’s support for critical minerals exploration, this year $3.7 million in grants were awarded to a record 38 projects from 30 companies as part of round 16 of the Geophysics and Drilling Collaborations grants program.

    This is part of the $9.5 million Resourcing the Territory initiative, which is the largest and longest-term investment ever made by a Territory Government to support resource exploration and development. 

    The Territory Government also established the Mineral Development Taskforce to investigate and identify opportunities to accelerate private investment in the resources sector.

    Earlier this year the MDT delivered its report and 28 recommendations to drive sustainable development of the Territory’s resources sector, which the Government accepted and is now implementing.

    Quotes attributable to Minister for Mining, Nicole Manison:

    “These latest figures show the world is quickly transitioning to renewable energy – and the Territory’s critical minerals are in high demand.

    “The Territory’s resources sector, both in exploration and production, is a significant driver of the Territory’s economy - currently contributing close to a quarter of the Territory’s gross state product.

    “The sector creates jobs, helps build our regions, and grows wealth for all Territorians, which is why the Territory Labor Government will always back it in through Resourcing the Territory grants and making the NT the most attractive place to do business.”

    Source: Northern Territory Government Newsroom

  • 05 Dec 2023 11:27 AM | Stephanie Berlin (Administrator)

    Solar Nerds, Australia’s premier solar industry research group, recently unveiled its 2023 Q3 quarterly report, providing a comprehensive overview for each state, detailing the volume of installed systems, and showcasing industry leaders.

    Nationwide, the solar landscape witnessed substantial growth, boasting a total installation of 793,066 kW across 83,981 systems.

    Sunboost emerged as the standout leader nationally, contributing 26,261 kW, 2849 systems, and a market share of 3.31 per cent. In the STC trading sector, FORMBAY TRADING dominated with 182,414 kW and a substantial market share of 23 per cent.

    In New South Wales, solar installations reached 260,926 kW across 26,882 systems, with Sunboost leading with 13,551 kW, 1410 systems, and a market share of 5.19 per cent. FORMBAY TRADING continued its dominance in STC trading, securing a significant market share of 20.04 per cent with 52,297 kW.

    Queensland witnessed installations of 202,188 kW across 20,705 systems. Sunboost led with 5169 kW, 533 systems, and a market share of 2.56 per cent. FORMBAY TRADING still enjoyed the biggest share in STC trading, commanding a market share of 26.62 per cent with 53,820 kW.

    Victoria embraced solar with the installation of 160,934 kW and 16,925 systems. INVINCIBLE ENERGY emerged as the top retailer in the state, showcasing 3075 kW, 390 systems, and a market share of 1.91 per cent. FORMBAY TRADING, again, is the champion in STC trading sector, with an impressive market share of 24.78 per cent and 39,883 kW.

    Western Australia contributed 63,407 kW across 8145 systems. Solargain led in retail with 2281 kW, 299 systems, and a market share of 3.6 per cent. ONE STOP WAREHOUSE FINANCE excelled in STC trading, securing a substantial market share of 25.99 per cent.

    The collective solar installations in South Australia, Australian Capital Territory, Tasmania, and Northern Territory amounted to 105,612 kW across 11,324 systems.

    Read Solaris Finance‘s full report here.

    Source: EcoGeneration 

  • 04 Dec 2023 9:59 AM | Stephanie Berlin (Administrator)

    Empire Energy acquires fit for purpose gas processing facility to support the Carpentaria project.

    • Empire has acquired AGL Limited’s Rosalind Park Gas Plant (“RPGP”) for $2.5 million in cash
    • This significantly accelerates the path to Carpentaria Pilot Project (“Pilot Project”) production and reduces capital expenditure required to commence gas sales
    • RPGP has a design capacity of 42 TJ / day and supported AGL’s Camden Gas Project until it ceased production in August 2023
    • RPGP is a fit for purpose facility that has passed Empire’s stringent technical due diligence process
    • Empire estimates that the acquisition of the RPGP may result in >$30 million in cost savings and reduce lead time by ~12 months compared to new build alternatives
    • Empire is focused on reaching a final investment decision for the Pilot Project in the coming months 

    To view the full announcement, click here.

    Source: Empire Energy Group 

  • 04 Dec 2023 9:04 AM | Stephanie Berlin (Administrator)

    The Territory Labor Government is charging towards a renewable future with 64 new electric vehicles (EVs) within its fleet, including one EV at the Territory Wildlife Park, which has replaced two petrol vehicles.

    That popular Darwin park will soon replace its diesel trains with electric shuttle trains.

    Committed to purchasing 200 electric fleet vehicles by 2030, the NT Government is well on track to achieve its target.

    The fleet now boasts 64 electric vehicles, surpassing the 2023 target of 40, with another 49 on order.

    To support the integration of these new EVs, 46 charging points and 62 charging stations have been installed in Government-leased buildings across Darwin, Katherine and Alice Springs. This infrastructure will ensure convenient and reliable charging options for the expanding electric fleet.

    The NT Government is at the forefront of promoting the adoption of electric vehicles among Territory businesses. By leading the way and providing certainty for investments in EV uptake, the government aims to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles in the Territory.

    This initiative aligns with the NT Government's Roadmap to Renewables, the NT Climate Change Response Towards 2050, and the Digital Territory Strategy, demonstrating Government’s commitment to sustainable and innovative solutions.

    Last year, the NT Government reduced registration and stamp duty fees for plug-in EVs and introduced the Electric Vehicle Charger (Residential and Business) Grant Scheme.

    The NT Government’s EV Charger Grant Scheme is still running and funding is available for both Territorians and Territory businesses. To date, $300,000 has been allocated, which includes 100 residential grants of $1,000 and 80 business grants of $2,500. The grants are for the purchase and installation of EV chargers.

    Attributable to Minister for Renewables and Energy, Nicole Manison:

    “The Territory Labor Government is driving towards our goal of 50 per cent renewables by 2030.

    “Our abundance of solar resources here in the Territory allows us to work with all of our departments, parks and communities to reduce the impacts of climate change.

    “Our Government is acting and will continue to transition to a low carbon future, we will continue to put more electric cars on the road, we will continue to reduce fees for low emission vehicles, and we will continue to roll out renewable energy right across the Territory."

    Attributable to Minister for Parks and Wildlife, Selena Uibo:

    “It’s fantastic to see the Territory Wildlife Park embracing green technology with the purchase of this EV and that their Visitor Centre solar installation is in full swing.

    “Not only is this better for the environment it contributes to significant cost savings.”

    Attributable Territory Wildlife Park Director, Rob Hall:

    “The Territory Wildlife Park is committed to a sustainable future and contributing to the National Net Zero Targets.

    “The purchase of an electric vehicle is a massive step in the right direction. 

    “With the associated installation of more clean energy generating solar systems at the Park and the importing of new and modern energy efficient electric people movers to replace the Park’s current diesel trains TWP is making significant strides in its commitment to a clean green future.”

    Source: NT Government Newsroom

  • 01 Dec 2023 10:37 AM | Stephanie Berlin (Administrator)

    Gas will be a critical part of power generation well into the second half of the 2030s and it will also underpin efforts by export partners like Japan to decarbonise.

    Please click here to continue reading the article from The Australian Financial Review.

  • 28 Nov 2023 6:11 AM | Stephanie Berlin (Administrator)

    The Santos-operated Darwin LNG joint venture and KAEFER Integrated Services will establish a new pathway to skilled, well-paying, secure jobs for Aboriginal Territorians through a multimillion-dollar training and employment program commencing in early 2024 in Darwin.

    The Darwin LNG joint venture will provide $3 million to fund KAEFER’s delivery of this new Aboriginal jobs program at KAEFER sites and Darwin LNG. KAEFER is a valued partner providing scaffolding, mechanical and fabric maintenance services for the Darwin LNG plant.The last LNG cargo of Bayu-Undan gas has sailed from Darwin LNG and the next LNG cargo will be from Barossa gas. Construction of Darwin LNG started 20 years ago and the facility is now being readied for the next 20 years, in preparation for the start of Barossa gas production in 2025.

    Darwin LNG and KAEFER will support this new Aboriginal jobs program with high-quality recruitment and mentoring services to help overcome social, economic and other barriers often faced by Aboriginal people entering training, education and employment.

    This will include supporting them through the recruitment process and providing ongoing support with financial management and other services, to help them succeed in training and in the workforce.

    The program will provide opportunities for Aboriginal people to be trained by KAEFER in the following areas:

    ·       Tertiary mechanical engineering and human resources

    ·       Trade apprenticeships in welding, boiler making, painting and blasting

    ·       Certificate III Basic Scaffolding Cadetships

    ·       Certificate III Admin/HSE

    ·       Certificate IV Accounting/Book-keeping

    ·       Certificate IV HSE Adviser Traineeships

    KAEFER and Darwin LNG intend to provide ongoing employment for participants in the program at their worksites.

    Santos Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director Kevin Gallagher said Darwin LNG has been part of the Territory’s economy and communities for 20 years now since construction commenced, and it will be revitalised with new gas supply from the Barossa Gas Project which will keep it going for another 20 years.

    Mr Gallagher said, “Santos and the Darwin LNG joint venture partners are committed to real action to help close the gap on Aboriginal disadvantage in the Northern Territory. Training, education and good jobs are a universal foundation for human flourishing. They are the building blocks for individual social and economic empowerment, and just as importantly, for stronger, more resilient families and communities.”

    KAEFER Chief Operating Officer Trent Northover said, “KAEFER is committed to investing in our people – from grassroots level through to long-term employees. We are very thankful for the opportunity to work alongside Santos and Darwin LNG on this program, which strongly aligns with our Reconciliation Action Plan commitments. This program will provide Aboriginal Territorians with structured pathways that will lead to meaningful, sustainable employment. Our established facilities, long-term presence in Darwin and close working relationship with Santos and Darwin LNG will provide the ideal platform for this.”

    The four-year program will have an expected initial intake of 10 scaffolding cadets, one Cert III trainee and one apprentice. Twenty-six positions are anticipated to be offered over the four years of the program.

    Santos has a 43.4% operated interest in Darwin LNG. Other joint venture partners are SK E&S (25%), INPEX (11.4%), Eni (11%), JERA (6.1%) and Tokyo Gas (3.1%).

    More information for Aboriginal people interested in the program will be widely advertised in the Northern Territory later this year.

    To view full media release, click here.

    Source: Santos Ltd

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