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  • 15 Apr 2024 2:31 PM | Stephanie Berlin (Administrator)

    The Territory Labor Government is backing the expansion of the Territory gas industry by investing $2 million each year in the 2024 Budget to conduct a regional monitoring program in the Beetaloo Sub-Basin.

    Natural gas from the Beetaloo will provide work opportunities for thousands of Territorians, secure our energy supplies and deliver a huge boost to local businesses across the Territory. 

    Supporting the gas industry to grow and provide work opportunities to Territorians is another way we are getting the Territory working.  

    The Beetaloo Sub-Basin gas industry has the potential to provide 13,000 jobs by 2040 and increase the Northern Territory’s economic activity by $17 billion.

    The monitoring program will ensure we have the strongest environmental safeguards and will build on the baseline data already collected through the Beetaloo SREBA.

    The program will ensure our gas industry is developed safely and provide transparent, publicly accessible reporting.

    Charles Darwin University will undertake most monitoring activities, including data collection, analysis and public reporting - ensuring Aboriginal engagement, including involvement of ranger groups in data collection.

    Quotes attributable to the Chief Minister Eva Lawler:

    “I’m focused on getting the Territory working and that’s why it’s important to back the natural gas industry and support its growth.”

    “We know that when the gas industry in the Territory grows there will be thousands of new work opportunities for Territorians.”

    “We’re backing the industries that get the Territory working.”

    Quotes attributable to the Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Water Security Kate Worden:

    “We support our gas industry – and this funding will ensure the industry can proceed in an environmentally responsible and safe way.”

    “Establishing our gas industry in the region will be a vital part of growing our economy to $40 billion by 2030 and creating thousands of jobs for Territorians over the next 15 years.”

    Quote attributable to the Minister for Mining Mark Monaghan:

    “Supporting the expansion of our gas industry will help make the Territory an energy powerhouse – and that means more work opportunities for Territorians.”

    Source: Northern Territory Government Newsroom

  • 12 Apr 2024 4:20 PM | Stephanie Berlin (Administrator)

    Cue Energy Resources Limited (ASX: CUE) announces that Central Petroleum Limited (ASX: CTP), the Operator of Cue’s onshore Australian gas production fields, Mereenie, Palm Valley and Dingo, has issued the attached release announcing the execution of a Gas Supply Agreement (GSA) with Power and Water Corporation (PWC) for the supply of as-available gas from the Mereenie field to the end of 2024, and providing an update on the Northern Territory gas market.

    Cue has a 7.5% interest in the Mereenie gas field. Other participants are Central Petroleum (Operator) 25%, Macquarie Mereenie 50% and New Zealand Oil & Gas 17.5% 

    To view the full ASX Announcement, click here

    Source: CUE Energy

  • 12 Apr 2024 1:25 PM | Stephanie Berlin (Administrator)

    Central Petroleum has agreed to supply additional gas into the Northern Territory for the remainder of 2024 under a new agreement announced today.

    The new agreement could see Central supply up to 2.1 PJ of gas to Power & Water Corporation over the remainder of the year while the Northern Gas Pipeline remains closed.

    The Central-operated gas fields in the Southern Amadeus Basin already reliably produce over half of the Northern Territory’s gas demand and should play an increasingly important role in supplying NT customers as existing off-shore gas supplies decline.
    The full announcement is available here

    Source: Central Petroleum

  • 11 Apr 2024 1:13 PM | Stephanie Berlin (Administrator)

    The Territory Labor Government’s agenda is to get more Territorians working and the Middle Arm Sustainable Development Precinct is cornerstone to that vision.

    Middle Arm will bring work and opportunity for thousands of Territorians and the experts tell us it will be a benchmark for similar future developments around Australia.

    Today, Chief Minister Eva Lawler and the Territory Government faced the Australian Senate Hearing into Middle Arm.

    The Middle Arm Sustainable Development Precinct has been carefully and methodically master planned since 2017 – and it based on the foundation of work.

    From the well-paid and secure work in natural gas, minerals processing and advanced manufacturing – the precinct provides secure work.

    The Middle Arm Sustainable Development Precinct will boost our economy with 20,000 jobs for Territorians – providing work opportunities in Darwin and right up and down the Stuart Highway.

    Middle Arm will support rare earths being mined and processed near Alice Springs, it supports phosphate being mined in the Barkly, and it also supports solar and wind energy generation from the Barkly.

    The Territory Labor Government has undertaken some of the most exhaustive environmental, social and cultural assessments in Australia to progress Middle Arm. Middle Arm is being developed as a master planned precinct backed by 200 technical studies assessing its impact, with the plan also integrating industrial scale solar energy projects and will host a carbon capture and storage hub.

    Quotes attributed to Chief Minister, Eva Lawler:

    “Today I appeared at the Middle Arm Inquiry because I won’t let anything get in the way of Territorians getting the opportunities to work that they deserve.

    “Being in secure work is more than a paycheque. It provides Territorians with the satisfaction of contributing to their community, it allows them to plan their future, support their families and be a mentor for others.

    “Middle Arm will get the Territory working by creating up to 20,000 jobs in industries such a natural gas, advanced manufacturing and minerals processing.

    “We’re backing the industries and projects that get the Territory working and we expect senators from down south to respect Territorians to make decisions for our own economic future.

    “I call on the Committee to back Middle Arm and to work with us and make the Precinct a big win for Territory workers and the community.”

    Source: Northern Territory Government Newsroom

  • 10 Apr 2024 12:51 PM | Stephanie Berlin (Administrator)

    Fewer than one-fifth of Territorians are opposed to the gas industry and an increasing number back gas as an energy source, new research has revealed.

    A day out from a two-day Senate Committee hearing into development at Darwin’s Middle Arm, a new poll has shown almost two-thirds of Territorians have a favourable view of the gas industry.

    The study found half of Territorians surveyed were not aware of the Middle Arm development precinct but those that had, supported it overwhelmingly.

    A big majority support the gas industry.A big majority support the gas industry.

    The Freshwater Strategy poll on behalf of the gas industry showed 58 per cent of Territorians supported gas, 18 per cent were neutral, six per cent unsure and 18 per cent held an unfavourable view.

    Asked their preferred energy source, 80 per cent of Territorians

    said solar, 56 per cent gas, 48 per cent backed nuclear and just 33 per cent favoured coal.

    Renewable fuels are the favourite energy source for Territorians, with solar at 79 per cent, natural gas at 68 per cent, wind at 63 percent, nuclear 56 per cent and coal 43 per cent.

    And despite – or perhaps because of – green attacks on gas, support for the fuel has surged in the NT over the past two years.

    Gas graph March 9 2024

    Gas graph March 9 2024

    The survey found since December 2022, net support for solar had increased by one per cent to 69 per cent, while net support for natural gas has increased 19 per cent to 51 per cent, wind has remained neutral at 45 per cent and nuclear has also had a 20 per cent surge to 38 per cent support.

    The survey showed only Greens supporters opposed more energy from gas.

    Labor voters favoured solar, wind and natural gas and CLP voters backed natural gas, solar and nuclear.

    Greens only support solar and wind and oppose gas, coal and nuclear energy.

    Plans to develop an industry hub at Middle Arm with $1.5bn in equity from the federal government have cut through with most voters with 47 per cent saying the were aware of the precinct proposal and 46 per cent unaware.

    Fifty four per cent of Territorians support Middle Arm, 15 per cent oppose it and 31 per cent are unsure.

    Only the Greens continue to oppose the development with only 39 per cent in favour of Middle Arm and 47 per cent against. Sixty four per cent of Labor voters back the development and 61 per cent of CLP and independent candidates support the plan.

    About 1100 people were surveyed in January 2024 for the poll, with a 3 per cent margin of error.

    Source: The NT News

  • 09 Apr 2024 5:13 PM | Stephanie Berlin (Administrator)

    With renewed focus on gas availability, Empire MD Alex Underwood explains the role Empire and the Beetaloo Basin resource will play in helping to secure new supply.

    Please follow the link to his most recent interviews with RaaS and ABN Newswire

    Source: Empire Energy Group

  • 05 Apr 2024 1:14 PM | Stephanie Berlin (Administrator)

    The new Territory Environment Podcast is now live!

    We are very excited to announce that the new Territory Environment podcast is now live.

    During our monthly segments we discuss everything about what it takes to lead and support the conservation, management and sustainable use of the Territory environment. Topics will include managing water, mapping and managing soil and vegetation, regulating industry that operates within the environment, protecting biodiversity and our work to manage weeds and feral animals to allow native species to survive and thrive.

    Maybe it’s the science and work behind bushfires and what fuels Territory fires in your region or what it takes to manage the conservation and visitation across the Territory parks and reserves estates that interests you.

    Whatever it is, you’re sure to find an episode that takes your interest.

    Below is a sample of the first 3 episodes available for listening.

    The first episode covers Crocodile conservation and Management.

    Your host Phillipa Hunter is joined by Dr. Tim Clancy the Director of Information and Advice with the Flora and Fauna division, and Kristen Hay the Director Wildlife Operations with NT Parks and Wildlife.

    They discuss these amazing prehistoric creatures, and tell us what to expect at the 27th Working Meeting of the IUCN Species Survival Commission (SSC) Crocodile Specialist Group. They also touch on the feedback on the consultation of the Saltwater Crocodile Management Plan due for final release at the conference.

    The second episode takes a deep dive into the Rangelands division for the Territory Environment.

    Monica Richly hosts the show with guests Alana Mackay, Director Pastoral Branch, Rebecca de Vries, Director Development Coordination and Christine Plewinski, Land Development Facilitator.

    They take us behind the scenes of the 40th Anniversary Northern Territory Cattleman’s Association conference, and discuss what it is the Rangelands division do to support the pastoral industry and land holders in the use and management of land and vegetation.

    The third episode is called Let’s talk annual Announced Allocations (AA’s) for water licence holders in the Top End.

    Your host Phillipa is joined by Dale, Chief water modeller, Peter, Senior Hydrologist and Andrew Johnson PSM, the Controller of Water Resources.

    They discuss how water resources undertake water modelling, and the climate conditions to present the expected water licence entitlements - to preserve environmental flow thresholds within river systems. They also discuss the upcoming announced allocations for the Top End in line with the coming new water year on 1 May.

    Got a question or idea?

    We want to hear from you! If you have any questions about any of the shows, or would like to suggest a topic that you want to know more about, then please reach out.

    You might want to know about the differences between the aquifers in a Top End or Arid Region, what we do to ensure we are a modern environmental regulator and the innovation in this space.

    No matter what the topic, if it’s got to do with the Territory Environment and managing and protecting the Territory’s natural resources and environment, then drop us a line at and we will do our best to answer your questions or add it to our show line up.

    Are you ready to jump straight in?

    You can subscribe today through Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

    Source: Department of Environment, Parks and Water Security

  • 03 Apr 2024 9:27 AM | Anonymous

    The Territory Labor Government is continuing to invest in our power grid with the upgrade of a key substation which will meet future electricity supply demands and support business.

    Work to upgrade the Trevor Horman Substation at Berrimah is underway, which provides electricity to the Berrimah and Wishart industrial areas.

    The functional and concept designs for the $55.3 million project have been completed and work has commenced on detailed design phase.

    The design and construction contract for the project has been awarded to Darwin based company ESPEC.

    Civil works are expected to begin on the site in August and construction will progress over the next two years.

    The work includes installation of new 66kV AIS switchyard, 66kV power transformers, construction of new control building, new 11kV switchboard, new 11kV reactor banks and associated secondary systems.

    Quotes attributable to the Minister for Essential Services Kate Worden:

    “The upgrade of the Trevor Horman Substation will ensure the growing industrial areas of Berrimah and Wishart will have reliable power supply into the future.

    “The Territory Labor Government can make this investment into our power grid because we own our assets like Power and Water and Territory Generation.

    “Make no mistake, the CLP will sell Power and Water and Territory Generation just like they did with the Port of Darwin and TIO.”

    Source: Northern Territory Government Newsroom

  • 28 Mar 2024 11:32 AM | Stephanie Berlin (Administrator)

    The sustainable management of our water resources will help grow the Territory economy.

    The Territory Labor Government is protecting iconic springs and supporting the agriculture sector with the Mataranka Water Allocation Plan 2024-34.

    The plan is now open for public consultation and includes proposed management arrangements that will ensure groundwater, iconic springs and flows in the Roper River continue to be managed sustainably and effectively.

    Stakeholders who have contributed to the draft plan include the Mataranka Water Advisory Committee, comprising industry and landholder representatives, including Traditional Owners who have valuable knowledge of, and an unbreakable connection to the resource.

    The draft plan area comprises three management zones – North Mataranka, South Mataranka and Larrimah. It applies to the groundwater resources of the Tindall Limestone Aquifer, within an area of approximately 9282sqkm extending about 190km from north to south, and up to 70km east to west.

    Extraction limits will protect the groundwater resource and maintain spring flows of the Roper River, in line with natural climatic conditions during dry years while providing long-term water security for agriculture, horticulture and mining enterprises in the region.

    In practical terms, this maintains more than 90 per cent of flows to the Roper River, during the dry season.

    In the Larrimah zone, water is stored deeper underground and therefore development will have less impact, so more water is being made available.

    To view the draft plan and have your say go to before consultation closes on 3 June 2024.

    Quotes attributable to the Minister for the Environment, Climate Change and Water Security Kate Worden:

    “The Territory Labor Government is protecting the Territory’s water resources. Water is one of the Territory’s greatest assets and is playing a critical part in the Territory building a $40 billion economy by 2030.

    “This plan specifically protects and manages groundwater that provides the base flows to the Roper River and its system of springs and creeks during the dry season. These beautiful unspoilt places are incredibly important to Territorians.

    “The Mataranka Water Allocation Plan therefore provides the right balance between supporting industry and protecting waterways, by giving certainty around availability of water that does not compromise environmental and cultural values".

    Source: Northern Territory Government Newsroom

  • 26 Mar 2024 10:47 AM | Stephanie Berlin (Administrator)


    • The Shenandoah South 1H (SS-1H) well in EP 117 achieved an average 60-day initial production (IP60) flow rate of 3.03 million cubic feet per day (MMcf/d) over the 1,644-foot, 10 stage stimulated length within the Mid Velkerri B Shale, normalized to 6.0 MMcf/d over 3,281-feet (1,000 metres).
    • The SS-1H flow test indicates that future development wells with lateral lengths of 10,000 feet may be capable of delivering average rates of 18.4 MMcf/d over the first 60 days of production.
    • Results continue to demonstrate that the 1 million acres below 8,850 feet (true vertical depth) in the Beetaloo West region is one of the most favorable places to anchor the initial development.
    • The SS-1H well is planned to be flow tested until IP90, which is planned to be announced in late April 2024.
    • Tamboran continues to undertake Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) studies on the proposed Shenandoah South Pilot Project. The Company expects to take Final Investment Decision (FID) in mid-2024, subject to funding and key stakeholder approvals.

    To view the full ASX announcement, click here.

    Source: Tamboran Resources

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