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  • 20 Mar 2020 10:18 AM | Sonia Harvey (Administrator)

    OIL and gas operators are facing uncertainty on all fronts today, as the coronavirus takes a stranglehold of the market and the government introduces harsh new travel restrictions.

    This morning, unions released a statement attacking gas giant Woodside Petroleum for standing down 400 workers without pay from its Western Australian operations.

    Over 400 contractor employees from Woodside's Goodwyn and North Rankin platforms, along with Woodside floating production storage and offloading units, have been summarily stood down, according to the Australian Workers Union.

    The AWU condemned Woodside, dubbing the move "a brutal act of industrial bastardry." 

    "Today's decision by Woodside is maybe the most heartless corporate response we've seen to the COVID-19 crisis to date," said Offshore Alliance spokesperson and Australian Workers' Union national secretary Daniel Walton said.

    The 400-worker figure has been challenged by a second source however, who said the worker count was much less.

    Energy News understands Woodside is meeting with contractors this afternoon.  

    Energy News has approached Woodside for comment.

    According to the unions, Shell, Inpex and Jadestone have come to arrangements with employees and are providing employees with flexibility and special payments.

    "Shell, INPEX, even Jadestone — all have proven that it's possible to balance a response to coronavirus with basic decency to your workforce. For Woodside, an Australian in the market, to fall so short is hugely disappointing," Walton said.

    Source: Energy News Bulletin

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  • 18 Mar 2020 5:10 PM | Sonia Harvey (Administrator)

    MINING giant BHP has joined with Anglo American, Fortescue and Hatch to form a Green Hydrogen Consortium aimed at finding ways to use green hydrogen to accelerate.

    The main aim of the consortium is to collectively help to eliminate the obstacles to the adoption of green hydrogen technologies.  

    The goal is to identify opportunities to develop green hydrogen technologies for the resources sector and other heavy industries, and provide a mechanism for suppliers and operators to contribute to and engage with these development activities.  

    Some of the proposed activities include undertaking research, technology and supply chain development, and piloting green hydrogen technologies to seek to de-risk and accelerate the technologies.  

    Ontario-based engineering firm Hatch has been appointed as the project management and governance facilitator of the new consortium.   

    The consortium will work collaboratively with customers and suppliers to find solutions for the emissions associated with the use of their products and in their supply chains.  

    Western Australia minster for regional development Alannah MacTiernan said the collaboration would cement the state's place on the world stage as a green hydrogen innovator and producer. 

    "Green hydrogen provides a real opportunity to reduce diesel consumption and decarbonise mine site operations, with potential for fuel cells to power fixed and mobile plants, mining vehicles and feedstock," she said. 

    In late 2018, FMG formed a A$20 million research hydrogen research partnership with CSIRO, while Anglo has been looking into hydrogen fuel cell mining trucks.

    Source: Energy News Bulletin

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  • 18 Mar 2020 3:50 PM | Sonia Harvey (Administrator)

    BOTH the listed Gas2Grid and the private Timor Resources, a subsidiary of engineering firm Nepean, have reported drilling delays as equipment is stuck in limbo due to coronavirus COVID19 outbreaks. 

    Timor Resources, which plans the spud Timor-Leste's first onshore wells in four decades, has had to push back the date from May 1 to somewhere between May 22 and June1.  

    Managing director Suellen Osborne told Energy News via email yesterday that as factories in China were closed for 21 days the ports have a backlog of cargo to move.  

    "Covid19 has caused havoc on supply chains. We have purchased our wellheads and casings from Petroil in Tianjin and this was purchased in September 2018. 

    "We have struggled to secure trucks and now we have seen two vessels cancelled as they are not travelling to Dili. The majority of our long leads items are ex-China," she told Energy News.  

    "We have again booked our cargo, casing and well heads on the next ship, our rig comes onshore Timor in the next four days."  

    She said all equipment had been sent on breakbulk cargo to Kupang and will be trans-shipped to a private barge then sent to Suai on the south coast close to where Timor Resources plans its ten-well campaign.  

    Well casing is currently sitting at a port in Tianjin waiting for a ship.  

    Timor is hunting for oil on the south coast, home to several historic wells and some oil seeps and plans an eventual 1-well campaign , with five wells this year in one permit it operates under a production sharing contract arrangement with the Dili government and five more in its other permit in early 2021.  

    Wells Karau, Kumbilli, Laisaipi, Lafaek and Raiketin will be drilled in Permit A this year. 

    The company has two onshore permits in the south close to Suai where the nation plans to eventually develop an LNG export terminal to commercialise gas from its Greater Sunrise fields. 

    Meanwhile ASX-listed smallcap Gas2Grid warned shareholders late yesterday its activities across the Philippines could face significant delays due to restrictions in movement and equipment availability following outbreaks of the coronavirus COVID-19. 

    Source: Energy News Bulletin

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  • 18 Mar 2020 3:38 PM | Sonia Harvey (Administrator)

    Adrian Richardson been cooking with natural gas to sizzle up some delicious recipes, igniting flavour that will impress your family and friends in Season Two of The Chef’s Secret.

    You can now binge all six episodes right here, and check out each of the written recipes at the link next to every episode description!

    Check out all the episodes now online!

  • 18 Mar 2020 3:23 PM | Sonia Harvey (Administrator)

    DRAG QUEEN pop icon, RuPaul, owns 66,000 acres of prosperous land in Wyoming, and leases the mineral rights to oil and gas operators.

    In an interview with NPR, RuPaul Andre Charles (RuPaul) revealed she owned a "modern ranch" and had no problem leasing the mineral rights to oil and gas operators.

    The interview was conducted by Terry Gross and centred on RuPaul's "recipe" for a successful life. 

    RuPaul, who became a household name by creating reality television series RuPaul's Drag Race, noted a major step in her success was owning the ranch along with her Perth-born husband Georges LeBar.

    "A modern ranch, 21st-century ranch, is really land management," RuPaul said.

    "You lease the mineral rights to oil companies. And you sell water to oil companies. And then you lease the grazing rights to different ranchers."

    Social media exploded following RuPaul's transparency that she benefited financially by leasing mineral rights to energy companies.

    Thousands of Twitter users accused RuPaul of promoting "dangerous" fraccing.

    "Finding out RuPaul fucking fracks is like being slapped across the face after being shoved to the ground by coronavirus and kicked by boomers," one twitter user said.  

    Source: Energy News Bulletin

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  • 18 Mar 2020 2:34 PM | Sonia Harvey (Administrator)

    The Territory Labor Government will deliver a $65 million Jobs Rescue & Recovery Plan to protect Territorians from the deep economic impacts of the coronavirus.

    Our plan is all about keeping shops open, cash flowing and Territorians working.

    We acted fast by delivering Australia’s first stimulus package last month – a $2 million Tourism Reliance Package to protect tourism businesses and jobs.

    Now we are going further to save jobs, protect businesses and keep the Territory’s economy on the road to recovery.

    The best way to protect the economy is to save local jobs, not bring in deep cuts.

    This is our second package and we are actively considering more options to support local businesses in the short-term and get Territorians spending more locally.

    Our plan’s number one focus is jobs – protecting existing jobs and creating new jobs. The experts have told us the best way to do that is to get money into the pockets of Territorians that can be spent in local businesses – so that’s exactly what we are doing.

    The Territory Labor Government will keep doing everything it can to protect Territory jobs, but we know we can’t do it alone.

    We’ve been working with industry and small business owners to develop this economic package. And we will continue to partner with the private sector and NGOs to protect Territorians as much as possible from the impacts from the coronavirus. 

    When times get tough, Territorians need to stick together and work together. That’s what we’ll keep doing.

    All measures will begin within approximately two weeks and money is expected to be spent within six months. More information can be found out:  



    $20 million Business Improvement Scheme

    • This is aimed at helping businesses get customers back into premises by undertaking improvements to a Territory business. All eligible businesses will receive $10,000. If the recipient also wants to put in their own $10,000, they will then get an additional $10,000 from the Government. This creates a $30,000 grant (with business pitching in $10,000 of their own money). The upgrades and purchases have to be from another Territory business. This could include buying new equipment, new shop fit-outs and physical changes to attract customers

    $5 million Business Structural Adjustment package

    • This package will assist businesses who need to physically adjust to the 100 person rule or to establish or upgrade their online presence to adjust to changing behaviours of consumption. The Chief Minister has directed public servants to personally speak with affected local businesses. All businesses can apply, but the Department will be focusing on the hospitality sector first (such as restaurants). Terms and conditions and a hotline will be released soon.

    $5 million Immediate Works Grants Package 

    • This package reintroduces the Immediate Works Grant for incorporated not-for-profit and community organisations – including clubs - to undertake repairs, renovations and upgrades to their premises/facilities. Applicants can apply for grants of up to $50,000, which will then be matched dollar-for-dollar if the organisation also puts in their own $50,000. Up to $200,000 on a dollar-for-dollar matching basis for amounts above $100,000

    Freezing Government Fees and Charges and Electricity Prices

    • All Government fees and charges – including electricity, water and car registration will be frozen (no increase due to indexation) until 1 July 2021. Electricity prices for small and medium businesses (those paying regulated tariffs) will be frozen from 1 July 2020 (no increase due to indexation) until 1 July 2021.

     $30 million Home Improvement Scheme

    • $6000 grant for Territory homeowners and landlords who also contribute $2000, and a $4000 grant with a $1000 contribution.


    • We are supporting our local tourism, hospitality and retail operators by encouraging Territorians to get out and explore their own backyard, with a dedicated intra-Territory campaign developed by local creatives and rolled out via local media channels.
    • The Government will also boost investment into marketing to encourage tourism as an opportunity to help disperse visitors through the Territory over the coming months, motivating Australian’s to take a self-drive trip is a great way to experience our destination.


    In addition to the announced stimulus packages, the Territory Labor Government response to the coronavirus will operate, to the extent possible, under the following action principles:

    1. Our focus is on jobs NOT cuts
    2. Our approach is to work together with Territorians, the private sector, and Territory organisations - we cannot do this alone
    3. Our financial support needs to be spent, not banked
    4. Our public service will be responsive and flexible to requests for help
    5. Our contracting and procurement decisions need to be fast and fair
    6. Our employees will be encouraged to buy locally and holiday in the Territory
    7. Our sponsorship of events that have been cancelled or deferred will still be used to support that organisation’s work - as agreed/in negotiation with Government.
    8. Our employees will be encouraged to cash out their recreational leave and spend money locally

    We will work with the private sector and Territory organisations to encourage their continued contribution to our economic recovery. This includes encouraging:

    1. Banks to be more flexible in their dealings with businesses, particularly in regards to loan repayments
    2. Landlords to reduce or defer rent payments from businesses
    3. The Federal Government to defer or cease FBT on entertainment
    4. The private sector to be more flexible in their contract arrangements with each other
    5. Local governments to undertake their own stimulus packages
    6. Federal Government employees to buy in the NT and holiday in the NT
    7. Federal Government employees to cash out their recreational leave and spend money locally

    Media Contact: Gerard Richardson 0438 693 898

  • 17 Mar 2020 3:26 PM | Sonia Harvey (Administrator)

    VICTORIA’s conventional onshore exploration ban will end mid-2021 in a move welcomed by a surprised industry after it introduced two bills to parliament.

    One bill will formally end the moratorium, albeit a year after it was due to come off, and the other will ban fraccing permanently.

    It is a surprising move from a premier who expanded onshore exploration bans and has pushed hard on a renewable agenda but Andrews said he is following the science and is looking to an "orderly restart" of exploration next year after three years of investigation by the Victorian Gas Program.

    The results concluded conventional exploration will not "compromise the state's environmental and agricultural credentials".

    The study concluded the state could enjoy a $310 million windfall "for regional economies" and create 6,400 jobs.

    Companies will soon be awarded the rights over blocks in waters next to existing sites, it said.

    The government said gas "will continue to play an important role in supporting Victoria's transition to a cleaner energy future".

    Andrews said his government was "backing the science to create… and support regional communities" and banning facing "to protect farming communities".

    The difference between the two was not made clear, though scientific inquiries in many jurisdictions, most recently Western Australia, have repeatedly suggested the practice can be safely conducted when scientific guidelines are adhered to.

    Source: Energy News Bulletin

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  • 17 Mar 2020 2:07 PM | Sonia Harvey (Administrator)

    Please see below links to useful information for business. 

    These pages will be reviewed and updated regularly with the latest available information.

    Australian Government support

    The Australian Government has announced an economic response totalling $17.6 billion. This includes the Boosting Cash Flow for Employers measure, providing up to $25,000 back to business, with a minimum payment of $2,000 for eligible businesses. Find out more information here . 

    Secure NT
    For the latest updates on the COVID-19 situation, follow SecureNT on Facebook  or visit

    COVID-19 Resources
    A collection of resources for the general public, health professionals and industry about coronavirus (COVID-19), including translated resources, are available on the Australian Government website .

    Latest health advice on COVID-19

    • Australian Government Department of Health - 
    • The National Coronavirus Health Information Line - 1800 020 080
    • There is a dedicated COVID-19 hotline number for the NT - 1800 008 002
    • If you are in Darwin and need to arrange testing, please call the Public Health Unit on 8922 8044.

    The Department of Trade, Business and Innovation’s Small Business Champions team are on the ground to meet with businesses and provide support as required. Contact the Small Business Champions team on 1800 193 111.

  • 16 Mar 2020 3:58 PM | Sonia Harvey (Administrator)

    THE second Timor-Leste breakfast which opened at the Australasian Oil and Gas Summit in Perth Friday followed by a rundown of the nation’s second-ever licensing round was well attended despite the shadows hanging over what could yet be the year’s last industry conference.

    Petroleum and Minerals Authority (ANPM) head Dino Da Silva told the room it was the best attended event yet of the roadshow. 

    Timor-Leste's oilmen have been on since October, with double the 40 or so who showed up at conferences in Houston and Abu Dhabi attendign the Perth event.  

    Energy News understands Timor-Leste's stand, strategically located beside the Industry Supply Forum where Western Australian Premier Mark McGowan and Woodside Petroleum COO Meg O'Neill delivered keynote speeches Wednesday, was so busy staff missed lunch Thursday.  

    Still, appetite for exploration seemed muted with most companies registered already holding assets in the nation, such as Woodside, Eni and Santos, once its buy of ConocoPhillips' assets completes.  

    The offer, which has 11 offshore blocks and seven onshore, is the first in years and was launched at its inaugural oil and gas conference in capital Dili in October,  and is set to close this October.  

    Companies can enter for pre-qualification now and the winners are announced next year.  

    Energy News understands one company which already has assets in the nation has made an offer.  

    Data available is reprocessed 2D seismic and other work by TGS and CGG.  

    Given the power outages in the nation, the data room is kept on a server in London and companies which register via the ANPM's website will have 24 hour access. There is no limit to the amount of staff members one company can sign up to look over the data but all has been water marked and inbuilt software prevents screengrabs.  

    An airborne gravity survey has also been completed. 

    Source: Energy News Bulletin

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  • 12 Mar 2020 3:57 PM | Sonia Harvey (Administrator)

    Santos today announced it had agreed to sell a 25% interest in Darwin LNG and Bayu-Undan to SK E&S for US$390 million with effect from 1 October 2019 with customary adjustments on completion.[1] Santos also receives the benefit of approximately US$120 million of cash flow relating to the interests from 1 January 2019 to 1 October 2019.

    The sale is conditional on completion by Santos of the acquisition of ConocoPhillips’ northern Australia and Timor-Leste portfolio as announced on 14 October 2019, third-party consents, regulatory approvals and a final investment decision on Barossa.

    SK E&S already has a 37.5% interest in the Barossa project to backfill Darwin LNG. Santos’ sale of interests in Darwin LNG and Bayu-Undan to SK E&S advances partner alignment for the development of Barossa, which remains a key priority for both companies.

    Santos Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Kevin Gallagher said the agreement with SK E&S builds partner alignment and is another significant step towards bringing Barossa gas into production through the Darwin LNG facilities.

    “We are delighted to have agreed terms with SK E&S to acquire interests in Darwin LNG and Bayu-Undan and look forward to continuing and building on the long-term relationship between our two companies.”

    “Santos continues to build alignment between the Darwin LNG and Barossa joint ventures through discussions with Darwin LNG participants and others to acquire equity in Barossa. We are in advanced discussions to sell-down equity in Barossa to a target ownership of around 40% to achieve increased partner alignment.”

    “Santos expects to take a final investment decision for the development of Barossa following completion of the ConocoPhillips acquisition and once all necessary technical, engineering and commercial contracts are in place, including the processing agreement with Darwin LNG, to allow the project to proceed subject to market conditions,” Mr Gallagher said.

    As announced on 14 October 2019, Santos’ net funding requirement for the ConocoPhillips acquisition is expected to be approximately US$775-825 million, net of the proceeds realised from the sell-down to SK E&S and post the benefit of cash flows generated from the acquired business from the ConocoPhillips acquisition effective date of 1 January 2019 to completion with customary adjustments.

    Santos’ pro-forma gearing on completion of both the ConocoPhillips acquisition and SK E&S sell-down is expected to be approximately 33.5% (approximately 31% pre-AASB 16 lease liabilities) before any cash generated from the sell-down of equity in Barossa.

    Credit Suisse (Australia) Limited and J.B. North & Co. are acting as financial advisers to Santos and Allens is acting as legal adviser to Santos. 

    [1]  Santos will acquire the 25% interest in Darwin LNG and Bayu-Undan to be sold to SK E&S under the ConocoPhillips acquisition which has an effective date of 1 January 2019. Santos will have the benefit of cashflows from the 25% interests until 1 October 2019 being the effective date for the sale to SK E&S.

    Source: Santos

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